UPVC plastic pipe

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- Hoa Sen uPVC plastic pipe is manufactured in inch and metric systems in accordance with ISO 1452: 2009; uPVC plastic pipe is widely used in various fields such as water supply, agricultural irrigation and rainwater drainage. - Furthermore, Hoa Sen uPVC plastic pipe is manufactured based on CIOD system under AS/NZS 1477:2006 standard. Hoa Sen uPVC plastic pipe is suitable for water supply purposes. - Hoa Sen uPVC Pipe is manufactured under TCVN 8699:2011 standard. Pipes are suitable for electricity projects, telecommunication projects.


  • Ø20

  • Ø25

  • Ø32

  • Ø40

  • Ø50

  • Ø63

  • Ø75

  • Ø90

  • 2.3 mm

  • 2.8 mm

  • 3.6 mm

  • 3.7 mm

  • 4.6mm

  • 5.1 mm

  • 8.4 mm

  • 12.3 mm

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- High mechanical durability, pressure resistance and impact resistance.

- Chemically durable and non-toxic

- Light weight and easy to transport, construction and installation.

- Shiny exterior and internal surfaces 

- Small coefficient of friction, good abrasion resistance

- Low installation price and costs

- Use according to technical requirements with durability of not less than 50 years.

- High chemical resistance (at temperatures 0oC to 45oC, it is resistant to acids,

alkalis and salts)




Ø21 ÷ Ø630 mm

Physical properties

- Tensile strength:  ≥ 50Mpa
- Maximum working point: 0 ÷ 45oC
- Elongation at break: ≥ 80%
- Vicat softening point:  ≥ 80oC

Chemical properties

 Good resistance to:
+ Acidic solutions
+ Alkaline solutions
+ Weak solvents
● Fail to resist to:
+ Concentrated acids with oxidizing properties



Hoa Sen uPVC plastic pipes are installed by glue application and rubber joint

Being manufactured by the modern Europe technology, with a closed and automatic technology process.


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