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The variety of colors and sizes of Hoa Sen Pre-painted galvanized steel sheet always meets the customer's needs, ensure high quality under JIS G 3312 (Japan), ASTM/A755 A755M (United States), AS 2728 (Australia), EN 10169 (Europe) and MS 2383 (Malaysia) standards.

Coil Width :

750 ~ 1250 mm

Thickness :

0.117 ÷ 1.2 mm

Coating mass :

Z060 ~ Z350
Guidelines for perfomance and maintanance of

optional to purchase any other product

- Outstanding corrosion resistance

- Diversified colors


JIS G3312

 Base metal thickness

0.117 ÷ 1.2mm


750 ÷ 1250mm

 Coil ID

508, 610mm


0T ÷ 3T


15 ÷ 85%

 Pencil hardness

≥ 2H


 No peeling

 Top-side paint thickness

15 ÷ 25µm

 Back-side paint thickness

5 ÷ 25µm

 Solvent resistance

MEK ≥ 100 DR

 Impact test

No peeling

 Coating mass

Z060 ÷ Z350

 Salt spray test

Top side: Min. 500 hours

Back side: Min. 300 hours


Meet customer requirements.


Note: Other specifications or requirements are subject to between Hoa Sen Group and customers .

Corrugated  forming:

-      Adjust the gap of rollers to fit in steel sheet thickness.

-      Rollers and forming rolls should be cleaned before corrugated forming.

-      Select steel sheet with an appropriate hardness and tensile strength when processing, especially in Klip Lock, Seam Lock, roof tiles, purlin or gutter roll forming.

-      Do not use lubricant for corrugated forming.

-      Should not roll steel sheet with too small radius because it can cause crack to the protective coating layers of the steel sheet .


-      Wear soft-soled shoes when  moving on the roof in order to avoid scratching. Move softly on the steel sheet roof with the entire foot and on the location of screws with rafters and roof.

-      The fasteners used to fix cladding and accessory materials have the same or superior service life as the Hoa Sen product with which they are to be used. The rubber washer component of self-drilling screws must be manufactured from materials compatible with the roofing, walling and accessory material.

-      Use neutral Silicon sealant to have good adhesion.

-      Use natural pine oil or white shell oil and dry towels to clean the surface to apply adhesive.

-      The roof should be immediately cleaned to remove steel debris, rivets and other discarded steel objects after installation.

Apply the leading technology of pre-painting on zinc base, manufacture by the advanced technology production lines of Japan. 



  • 1 Means of transporation for export?

    -       By container vessel

    -       By bulk vessel

    -       By barge

    -       By truck

  • 2 The steel standards of Hoa Sen Group’s Coated Steel Sheet in Coil?

    -       JIS (Japanese standard): JIS G3302:2012, JIS G3321:2012

    -       ASTM (American standard): ASTM A653/A653M:2015, ASTM A792/A792M:2015

    -       BS EN (European and British standard): BS EN 10346:2015

    -       SNI (Indonesia standard): SNI 07-2053:2006, SNI 4096:2007

    -       SIRIM (Malaysia standard): MS 2385:2011, MS 2384:2011, MS 1196:2014

    -       AS (Australia standard): AS 1397:2011

    -       IS (Indian standard): IS 277:2003, IS 15961:2012

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