HDPE plastic pipe

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Hoa Sen HDPE plastic pipe is manufactured under TVCN 7305:2008/ISO 4427:2007 standard (type PE100). Hoa Sen HDPE plastic pipe is suitable for water supply, agricultural irrigation and drainage of waste and rainwater, etc.


  • Ø20

  • Ø25

  • Ø32

  • Ø40

  • Ø50

  • Ø63

  • Ø75

  • Ø90

  • 2.3 mm

  • 2.8 mm

  • 3.6 mm

  • 3.7 mm

  • 4.6mm

  • 5.1 mm

  • 8.4 mm

  • 12.3 mm

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- High chemical durability, not affected by salts, acids and alkaline salts, it is possible to be used as a conduit for water, chemical or gas.
- Withstand sunlight with low aging under the influence of ultraviolet rays.
- High flexibility, good resistance to deformation, upon underground installation, it is possible to withstand surrounding vibration (earthquake ...)
- Light weight and easy to transport, construction and installation.
- Shiny exterior and internal surfaces with small coefficient of friction
- Heat welding method results in more uniform system upon installation with high durability for joints.
- Use according to technical requirements with durability of not less than 50 years.


Ø20 ÷ Ø630 mm


0.96 g/cm3

Minimum tensile strength

   21 Mpa

Minimum elongation at break


Thermal expansion coefficient

< 0.2 mm/moC

Surface resistivity

> 1013 Ω

Maximum working temperature


Minimum Vicat softening point



● Hoa Sen HDPE Plastic Pipes are assembled by 2 main methods:
+ Butt welding: apply to the tubes with a diameter from Ø63 or more.
+ Welding of articulated joint: apply to the tubes with a diameter from Ø63 or smaller.
In addition, resistance welding is also available but not yet applied.

Being manufactured by the modern Europe technology, with a closed and automatic technology process.



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