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Hoa Sen Tower Quy Nhon - Commercial Center, Hotel And Luxury Apartment Complex project is invested by Hoa Sen Group on a land area of 8,109.16 m2. The project is located in the center of Quy Nhon City, 35km from Phu Cat Airport and 1.5km from Quy Nhon bus station enabling it to easily connect with nearby residential areas and be convenient for trading and tourist attraction.


Perspective of Hoa Sen Tower Project

The project is expected to built into a complex of hotels, luxury apartments and commercial center. The tunnel under An Duong Vuong street connect the work to the marine park. Marine park and the underground space under the park for recreation items.

With the desire to choose a professional design consultant for the project, Hoa Sen Group organized an architectural design competition for Hoa Sen Tower project on a closed (one-stage) competition. The competition is considered to be a great opportunity and playground for leading regional and global architectural and construction companies and organizations. After a short time, Hoa Sen Group selected 7 contractors with many design projects to win prestigious architectural awards in the field of High-Class hotel design Domestically and Internationally. They include Nikken Sekkei (Japan); Korn Architects (Germany); B+H Architects (Canada); DE-SO Architects (France); Group8Asia (Switzerland); CPG (Singapore) and MCC (Vietnam).

An overview of the architectural competition for Hoa Sen Tower project

From August 10th to October 27th, the total prize value of the competition was nearly 3.5 billion VND including the first prize of 1.6 billion VND, the second prize of 650 million VNd and the third prize of 330 million VND. 

Mr. Le Phuoc Vu - Chairman of Hoa Sen Group (fourth from the right side) together with the Jury of Architectural Competition for Hoa Sen Tower Project

After 3 months working with creative and serious spirit, on the morning of October 27, 2016, the jury selected the best teams for the prizes including: The first prize was awarded to Group8Asia; Two second prizes were awarded to two companies: De-so Architects and Nikken Sekkei.

Hoa Sen Tower project designed by Group8Asia (Switzerland)

Mr. Le Phuoc Vu - Chairman of Hoa Sen Group (first from the right side) and the jury congratulated the victory of Group8Asia (Switzerland)

The first prize was awarded to Group8Asia (Switzerland) 

The second price was awarded to De-so Architects

And along with this excellent work, the jury decided to award the second prize to Nikken Sekkei

After finding the best designer for the project, Hoa Sen Group, as the investor, expeditiously carried out the work in accordance with the progress of the project committed to Binh Dinh People's Committee.

This is a complex of hotels, luxury apartments and trading and entertainment center . Up to now, the project is considered to be the largest complex of service center, hotel and luxury apartments according to international standards in Binh Dinh. Upon completion and operation, the project will be the advantage for Quy Nhon City to exploit its inherent potentials and develop Binh Dinh tourism into a key economic sector of the province in the future.

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