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In addition to improving production capacity, investing in modern machinery and technology to meet international standard quality, Hoa Sen Group continues to implement the distribution retail network expansion strategy across the country. This is one of the important strategies of Hoa Sen Group to bring its products to the consumers with the commitment "Buying Directly From Producers And Selling Directly To End-Users". At the same time, this is the core competitive advantage, contributing to affirm the number one position in the steel industry of the Group in Vietnam and also a strong basis for Hoa Sen Group to compete in the international market.

Over 16 years of establishment and development, only from three distribution - retail branches from the early days, Hoa Sen Group has unceasingly deployed the projects for expanding distribution - retail network. Specifically, in the fiscal year 2015- 2016 with 60 newly established branches, the total number of distribution and retail branches of the Group reached 250 nationwide stretching from the North to the South. With this wide-ranging system, Hoa Sen Group is ready to meet the needs of consumers quickly, promptly and efficiently.

The current branch network of Hoa Sen Group in Vietnam

In addition to maintaining its position in the domestic market, Hoa Sen Group is constantly promoting its export activities, enhancing its reputation in traditional markets and especially expanding market share to potential markets in Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America. At present, the products of Hoa Sen Group are present in more than 70 countries and territories.

The products of Hoa Sen Group are present in more than 70 countries and territories in the world.

In the fiscal year 2016 - 2017, the goal of Hoa Sen Group is to continue to rapidly expand its distribution and retail network nationwide, speed up market share growth, increase accessibility to provide consumers with more convenience during the purchase process. The total number of Hoa Sen Group's branches is targeted to reach 500 throughout the country from the North to the South at the end of 2018. With its dense branch network, Hoa Sen Group has been bringing the best products to the end users with 4 commitments including " Right Price, Right Standard, Right Quality, And Warranty ". In addition, owning an extensive branch network  helps Hoa Sen Group to manage and operate the sales policy in a flexible and consistent manner, ensuring the benefits of consumers. A dense and nationwide distribution - retail network is one of the prerequisite factors that helps Hoa Sen maintains its leading position in the field of steel production and business in Vietnam. At the same time, it is an important strategy that helps Hoa Sen unceasing rise its position,  becoming the leading supplier and distributor of construction materials in Southeast Asia.

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